Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT: Weatherdeck Patio Umbrella Stands, LLC. is not responsible for the installation of this patented product. We highly recommend you consult a professional.

Installation into Concrete When Poured (See video below)

Put yellow PVC plug into the in-ground anchor and place anchor in desired location.
Pour concrete level with in-ground anchor top.
Keep plug and top of the anchor free of concrete.  Remove plug once concrete dries.

Installation into Existing Concrete Patio. (See video below)

Using a core drill, drill a 2″ hole at least 6″ deep. Pour anchor concrete into the hole approximately halfway. Insert the in-ground anchor until flush with concrete patio. Clean area well and let dry.

Installation into Concrete Pavers. (Not recommended for Pavers less than 8″x8″)

Find desired location. Drill a 2″ hole into the paver.  Remove paver and dig a hole to insert an 8″x12″ sonotube.   Pour anchor concrete into the sonotube.  Replace paver.  Insert complete unit (anchor and stem together) through hole in paver into concrete. Clean area well and let dry.

How to use once installed

Remove cap. Insert threaded stem into the in-ground anchor. Insert umbrella pole (not included) into the stem and tighten with side knob. When not in use: Remove umbrella pole from stem. Unscrew stem from in-ground anchor and replace cap. See instructions accompanying stands for maintenance.

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