Installment Instructions

IMPORTANT: Weatherdeck Patio Umbrella Stands, LLC. is not responsible for the installation of this patented product. We highly recommend you consult a professional.

Installation in Concrete When Poured

Put yellow PVC plug into the in-ground anchor and place  anchor in desired location.
Pour concrete level with in-ground anchor top.
Keep plug and top of the anchor free of concrete.  Remove plug  once concrete dries.

Installing in Existing Concrete Patio

(We highly recommend you consult a professional.)

Using a core drill, drill a 2″ hole at least 6″ deep. Pour anchor concrete into the hole approximately half way. Insert the in-ground anchor until flush with concrete patio. Clean area well and let dry.

Instructions Once Installed In Concrete Patio

Remove cap. Insert threaded stem into the in-ground anchor. Insert umbrella pole (not included) into the stem and tighten with side knob. When not in use: Remove umbrella pole from stem. Unscrew stem from in-ground anchor and replace cap.

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